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Whole-Home Remodeling Services

Nest Builder offers general contracting services equipped to handle every home renovation project, indoors and out. The services we offer range from project management and tradeswork, to custom design-builds and creative finishings. Our comprehensive services extend to every part of your home. Just tell us where we can help, and we’ll wow you with a stunning design and first-rate service.

Our Process

Renovations by Room


Basements offer the opportunity to add incredible value to your home. From a relaxing lounge space, to a thrilling entertainment den, to extra storage spaces, your home will feel bigger and better with a fully finished basement.


Looking to update your bathroom finishes? How about a total overhaul? From the surface details, to the elements hidden in your walls, we can bring a completely new look and feel to your bathrooms.


A warm and welcoming kitchen is just around the corner. Designer touches and purposeful planning can transform your kitchen into a room you might find in a home trends magazine. Let us help you get started!

Let’s build a space that fits you.