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St. Albert Basement Renovations

Basements offer the opportunity to add incredible value to your home. From a relaxing lounge space, to a thrilling entertainment den, to extra storage spaces, your home will feel bigger and better with a fully finished basement.

Average Cost: $15,000 - $70,000+ Average Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks

Are you making the most of your square footage? If your basement is unfinished, or just empty, we can help. Turn your unused basement into a space for relaxing, entertaining, working on projects, or just about anything else! Think of this space as your “dream zone”, where you can finally have that home gym you’ve always wanted, or invite your friends over to your home theatre. Have some ideas, but not sure where to start? Give us a call and we’ll help you start planning.

Your basement can easily be transformed into a completely separate living space, perfect for entertaining, hosting guests, rental suites, or even giving your teenagers some space. If you’re considering developing your basement into a separate rental suite, we can help you with all the logistics, like obtaining permits, soundproofing between floors, and designing a unique space that tenants will love.

It’s easy to think of basements as dark and unwelcoming. In reality, a well-planned basement can be just as comfortable as your upstairs. Open concept designs, an excellent lighting strategy, and bright, warm colours can easily and affordably transform even the gloomiest basement into a relaxing retreat.

Trudging up and down stairs in your home can be irritating, especially if they aren’t designed properly. We can make the transition from one floor to the next more manageable with stairs and flooring designed to elevate style, clean easily, and last longer. Choose from an incredible range of options, including tile, laminate, hardwood, lino, carpet, and stone. We also offer popular enhancements like in-floor heating, perfect for those cold winter days.

Let’s build a space that fits you.