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St. Albert Bathroom Renovations

Looking to update your bathroom finishes? How about a total overhaul? From the surface details, to the elements hidden in your walls, we can bring a completely new look and feel to your bathrooms.

Average Cost: $1,500 - $10,000+ Average Timeline: 1 - 6 weeks

A spa-quality bathroom is a daily luxury. From taps and sinks, to showers, tubs, and toilets, your bathroom fixtures and plumbing should make mornings easy, and evenings relaxing. We’ll infuse your bathroom or ensuite with modern style, elegance, and functionality.

Sleek design and modern aesthetics are an important finishing touch in any bathroom. If you’re tired of ugly, cracked, or outdated tile in your bathroom, it’s time for an update. We also offer structural glass services, perfect for creating an open, easy-to-clean shower.

Functional bathroom storage makes morning routines and cleanup simple. Custom cabinets to match your fixtures and flooring will keep your bathroom comfortable and clean, with less effort required.

Let’s build a space that fits you.