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St. Albert Kitchen Renovations

A warm and welcoming kitchen is just around the corner. Designer touches and purposeful planning can transform your kitchen into a room you might find in a home trends magazine. Let us help you get started!

Average Cost: $2,500 - $50,000+ Average Timeline: 2 - 8 weeks

Space is a major consideration in kitchens. You need enough storage for appliances, dishes, and food, but more than that, you need cabinets and drawers that are functional and convenient. Tailored and custom-built cabinets and pantries will make you want to skip the take out and dine in.

Having the right tools in the right places in your kitchen can make all the difference. We can help you source, place, and install cutting-edge appliances, and ensure all your water and washing needs are as convenient as possible.

Updating your tile, countertops, and backsplashes can add a simple, but elegant touch to your kitchen space. It can also aid in keeping your kitchen clean and looking brand new. There are a range of styles and materials to choose from, and our professional installation means your finishes will blend seamlessly.

Your kitchen should be working harder for you. Mealtimes are made easier with a kitchen designed around your habits and needs. Whether you need more storage and cabinets, additional counter space, or room for new appliances, we can help you lay out a functional design to make meal prep easy, and save you time.

Let’s build a space that fits you.